Explorer Harness - Virginia Mountains

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  • DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE — Crafted from premium materials for longevity and comfort. The Explorer Harness frame is assembled with double-layered high-tensile strength nylon, reinforced with multiple stitching lines. The inner layer is lined with thick and soft, high-quality neoprene padding to ensure maximum comfort for your furry friend during any adventure.
  • SAFE AND SECURE — Fitted with all-metal hardware, including two quick-release cobra-style buckles and a large D-ring for leash attachment. Our signature buckles boasts a smooth, effortless locking mechanism making the harness easy to take on and off, while upholding unparalleled security
  • ERGONOMIC FREEDOM — Engineered with an intentional Y-shaped design, the Explorer Harness promotes your dog’s natural movements and free range of motion. Our harness is constructed to ensure unrestricted mobility around your dog’s shoulders, supporting better posture and joint health.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR A PERFECT FIT — With four adjustable straps, the Explorer Harness features full adjustability in two key areas; the chest and torso, guaranteeing a tailored and comfortable fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • STYLE AND AESTHETIC — The Explorer Harness comes in 10 Earth-inspired beautiful colors and dons a sleek, faux leather handle for that extra control. 


Measure your pet in two areas:

A) Around the chest area, making sure to go from the sternum to behind the neck.

B) Around the torso, staying around the ribcage with a good amount of room behind the armpits

Use these two measurements to determine the best sizing based on our Explorer Harness sizing guide. See video to see how to measure your pet correctly.