Lunar Bed - Colorado Nightsky

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Size Medium
  • Made with thick premium oxford fabric; water-resistant and quick-drying for simple wipe-down and clean up. Odor-repellent and anti-fur magnet made for long-lasting hygiene upkeep to make life easier during those scorching summer months.
  • Fabric chosen for its breathability and smoothness; perfect for your thick/long/double coated furry friends. Long lasting fabric built exceptionally tough and durable, ideal for your bulky/beefy four legged friends and their scratchy paws/nails.
  • Removable machine-washable covers designed for convenient cleaning and equipped with thick faux leather handles. Sturdy zippers and distinctive pockets for easy disassembling and reassembling.
  • High-quality shredded memory foam, stuffed to the brim to ensure maximum comfort so you can rest assured your dogs are relaxed and well supported. Shredded memory foam to increase breathability and encased in silk fabric sleeve to elevate coolness.
  • Perfectly sized with extra high bolsters so that no matter their mass, your four-legged pals can sink into a deep snuggly snooze.